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Don’t Fight the ECB? (Part 1 of 2)

Buying stocks after the various QE programs were announced by the Federal Reserve was generally a profitable decision for investors. To answer the question about whether the ECB programs will have the same impact on European stock markets, we point out some key differences between the United States then and Europe now.

The Comeback

The similarities between 1967 and 2013 suggest that if the pattern in the stock market continues to hold, as we believe it may, and lawmakers eventually “kick the can” on the fiscal issues, the concerns that have led to the current pullback may give way to a resolution that powers a comeback later this year, as we saw in 1967...

Health Care Checkup: What We Spend on Health Care

Economy-wide (federal, state, and local governments, corporations, and individuals), Americans spent $2.7 trillion (or roughly 18% of GDP) on health care products, services, and investment in 2011, the latest data available. Consumers spend more out of pocket on health care than they do on automobiles, furniture, or clothing...

The “Kick-the-Can” Pattern Keeps Giving to Investors in September

After kicking the can on Syria, a new Fed chairman, and now tapering, the market is beginning to wonder if the government funding deadline and debt ceiling are the next cans to be kicked by those in Washington. This week, the headlines will focus on the possibility of a government shutdown and the debt ceiling impasse, perhaps setting up another buy-the-dip opportunity ahead of an 11th hour compromise.​

Communication Breakdown?

In our view, Bernanke made a clear case to markets last week that tapering remains data dependent, and he even provided markets with specific metrics the FOMC was watching to gauge progress. Market participants may need to recalibrate how they listen to the Fed, and the Fed may need to rethink how it communicates with the markets and the public. The Fed will need the markets’ trust as it begins to prepare for the unwinding of all the monetary stimulus it has put into the system since 2007.

Dawning of a New Era?

As this publication was being prepared on Monday, September 16, 2013, equity markets around the globe were rallying and bond yields were dropping on the news over the weekend of September 14 – 15, 2013 that Larry Summers — who market participants had pegged as the front-runner to replace Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman — withdrew his name from consideration...

Emerging Markets and the Fed - What’s Attractive and What to Avoid

While the Federal Reserve (Fed) could surprise investors this week, the Fed has been careful to communicate its intentions to the markets ahead of this week’s meeting. Most market participants expect the Fed to announce a tapering in the monthly pace of its bond-buying program coupled with more guidance on when, in the distant future, it may raise rates...

The One Big Risk

When Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy on September 15, 2008, defining the seminal event of the financial crisis, there was one big risk investors were worried about across their portfolios: credit risk — the potential losses arising from the inability of mortgage borrowers, financial institutions, and government enterprises to pay back their debts. As we reach the five-year anniversary of that event this coming weekend, another single big risk has emerged...


The latest Beige Book and the August employment report likely keep the Federal Reserve (Fed) on track to announce a scaling back of its bond-purchase program (quantitative easing, or QE) at the next Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting on September 17 – 18, 2013...

Trading Partners

Our exports to our two closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico (27%), are larger than our exports to the Eurozone, Japan, and China combined (25%). Perhaps market participants (ourselves included) should pay more attention to the economic prospects for Canada and Mexico and a bit less time on China, the Eurozone, and Japan...

Stocks Likely to Focus on Domestic Over

The markets were most focused on an impending military strike on Syria last week. While prospects for an imminent strike have faded, the likelihood of military action in the near future remains. Unfortunately, the past offers us many periods of military action. Looking back at these can help us draw parallels and gain perspective on the most likely outcome for the markets...

Results: 11 Articles found.
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