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NVB Online Deposit

Whether you’re considering NVB Online Deposit, or are already on board, our Training Demo and RDC Rules Handbook will help ensure proper procedures for Online Deposit. Visit our Online Deposit product page for more information.

Training Demo RDC Rules Handbook

Payroll Direct Deposit

Provide the convenience of direct deposit using any of NVB’s Payroll Services: NVB Business Bill Pay Easy Payroll, Online Cash Management, or with our payroll partner, CBIZ. Businesses of any size can send payroll by direct deposit and save time and money. Employees will simply need to fill out one of the following forms to authorize direct deposit.

If the employee wants the direct deposit to go into one account, click here

If the employee want the direct deposit split into two accounts, click here

Automatic ACH Debits

Improve cash flow by arranging automatic debits from a customer’s checking or savings account for a recurring payment. Download a Debit Authorization form to get started.

Download Form

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