Cash Management Fee Schedule

NVB Organizational Banking customers can use this service for the discounted price of $15 per month and $0 per ACH file submitted. All other fees remain the same.

Service Fee
Monthly Maintenance $25 per month
Origination $5 per file
Same Day Origination $1.50 per item
Wire Tranfers
Outgoing $10 Domestic
$20 International
Incoming $3.75 Domestic
$10 International
Remote Deposit Capture
Business Banking $39.95 per Month
250 items free each month $0.15 per item over 250
Organizational Banking $39.95 per Month
500 items free each month $0.15 per item over 500
Commercial Banking $59.95 per Month
$0.08 per item - all items
Premier Remote Deposit Capture *2 Year Agreement Required $49.95 per month
$0.07 per item
*Early Termination Fee: $25 per month for remaining term
Other Account Fees
Stop Pay $15 per item
Returned Deposited Item $7 for each item deposited or cashed that is returned unpaid

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