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Online Banking

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Online Cash Management

A comprehensive package of online banking management tools for $25 per month. Originate ACH files, submit wire transfers, and setup authorized employees to use these features without being an owner/signer on the checking account.

What it can do:
  • Pay employees by direct deposit or check
  • Initiate federal/state tax payments
  • Initiate ACH debit and credit files
  • Submit stop payments electronically
  • Initiate domestic and foreign wire transfer
  • It's easy to use & cost effective
  • Includes all the features of NVB Online Banking
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What you need to know:
 See our fee schedule for stop payment, wire transfer and ACH file submissions.

NVB Organizational Banking customers can use this service for the discounted price of $15 per month and $0 per ACH file submitted. All other fees remain the same.