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Overdraft Services

When your business account qualifies for Overdraft Privilege (ODP), items that overdraw your account up to $1,500 may be paid. You'll avoid the embarrassment of a declined card and the costly fees from merchants for returned items.


  • Overdraft coverage up to $1,500
  • Checks and ACH payments are eligible items
  • *Debit Card transactions are your choice
  • See our fee schedule for fees assessed for items that overdraw your account
  • Use with an account sweep to further prevent overdrafts

*Debit Card Coverage

  • Opt In to prevent your card from being declined for insufficient funds
  • Opt Out for your card declined when it will cause an overdraft on your account
  • Learn more by watching our Debit Card video demo
What you need to know:
ODP is a discretionary program that the bank may restrict at any time. It is also not a guarantee that overdrafts will be paid, the bank reserves the right not to pay items that overdraw your account.