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Surf the Web Safely

Learning doesn’t have to be boring, make it fun with the FBI Cyber Surf Islands! The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a fun website at that helps you learn to stay safe online, with your cell phone, and more! If you really like this site, tell your teacher about it and ask for your class to be registered for fun learning in the classroom too.

Spending Tips and More

Do you wonder how money is created? Or are you looking for tips on how to help your family save money? Check out, an official website provided by our U.S. Government! Plus you have access to information about Exercise and Eating Healthy, how to be Safe Online, listen to the music of Africa, and more!

Remember to stay safe online!

Don’t open email attachments from someone you don’t know
Never give out your real name, address, school name, or any other personal information online
Tell a parent, teacher or trusted adult if you see anything online that makes you uncomfortable
Remember that everyone you write on the Internet is public and can be read by anyone

Money Smarts

Is there something you really want but don’t have the money to buy it (and Christmas is too far away)? PBS has a great website that shares articles about spending money wisely and how to earn money. Plus they have fun games that put your learning into practice! Check it out at!

It’s not just about the money!

  • Find topics about school
    • Learn about time management with school, home, and chores
    • What to do if your teacher doesn’t like you
    • How to deal with an embarrassing moment (yikes!)
  • Friends and Family are a topic too
    • How to handle things when you have a fight with a friend
    • How to stay safe when you’re home alone
    • Understand sibling rivalry
  • Your body and emotions don’t have to be a mystery
    • Get better eating habits, for a healthier you
    • Dealing with body changes as you get older
    • How do deal with anger

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