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Giving Credit to High-Yield Credit

High-yield bond valuations remain elevated for a good reason — strong credit quality and low defaults continue to support the sector. A closer look at underlying credit quality indicates high-yield bond prices may remain well-supported for most of 2014. We still find lower-rated high-yield bonds and bank loans offering some attractive opportunities in the bond market for 2014.

What Is Priced In?

The stock, bond, and commodities markets appear to have priced in a return to a positive environment for investors consisting of stronger economic and job growth accompanied by a return of some mild inflation.​

What’s the Yellen Surprise?

The Fed’s target for the fed funds rate in the long term is lower than in prior rate hike cycles. The market has already priced in Fed rate hikes beginning in mid-2015. Sustained growth in real gross domestic product (GDP) above 3.0% at any time over the next three years could elicit an earlier start to rate hikes by the Fed and/or more rate hikes once they commence. The Fed’s communication with investors and the public remains muddled, at best.

Portfolio Compass 3/19/14

A snapshot of LPL Financial Research’s views on equity & alternative asset classes, the equity sectors, and fixed income.

Current Conditions Index 3/19/14

The CCI is a weekly measure of the conditions that underpin our outlook for the markets and economy. It provides real-time insight into the trends that shape our recommended actions to manage portfolios and has proven to be a useful investment decision-making tool.

Results: 237 Articles found.