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NVB Online Gets an Update

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On October 4th, a few changes will take place with NVB Online to enhance your experience.

Login Changes

You will no longer be asked to enter your Access ID from the website. Simply click to "Go" and you will be directed to a secure webpage to enter both your Access ID and Password.


From the Secure Login page, you will also be able to Enroll in NVB Online Banking or click Forgot Your Password for login assistance.

login example

Menu Changes

Once logged in, NVB Online will feature a new menu to access all the same features (plus a few new ones). Take a look below for a quick overview of what each menu option means:


Menu (A) will feature:

  • Contact Us = submit an inquiry to NVB from
  • Chat With Us = start a chat with the NVB Customer Support team
  • Alerts = create/edit alerts for checking and savings accounts and loans
  • Profile = edit your password, challenge questions, email, electronic statements and mobile banking devices
  • Log Out

Menu (B) will feature:

  • HOME
-- Shows a list of your accounts with Current Balance
-- Shortcut for Express Transfer to the right of your balance
-- Shortcut to see Recent Activity for each account to the right of your balance  
-- Have the ability to Edit Accounts (hide, show on home, change order, nickname) 

**Features Menu (C)

-- Details = Provides a list of scheduled, pending, & posted transactions
-- Transfer = Complete Transfers
-- Documents = View statements
-- Categorize = Create categories for transactions
-- Download = Export transactions 
-- Stop Payments = view Stop Payments that have been issued on your account
  • TRANSFER = Create a Transfer and view Scheduled Transfers saved to your account
  • BILL PAYMENT = Directs you to the Bill Pay screen with the list of your payees
  • OPEN AN ACCOUNT = Directs you to the Open A New Account link through our website
  • ORDER CHECKS = Directs you to the Deluxe site to order checks
You don't have to wait till October 4th, click here to log in with the new look.