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Online Banking

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Debit Cards

Pick Up Your Card Today

This card provides access to your funds anytime, day or night. Make purchases online, by phone, or in person. Plus you can use your card for cash back when making a purchase or withdraw cash at an ATM. Pick up your card today at any location.

Why it's great:
  • Cards are available instantly at any branch location
  • Keeps your checking account information confidential
  • Uses anti-fraud protection
  • Free cash-back purchases at the register
  • Free withdrawals from NVB ATM machines
  • Safer than carrying cash or checks
MasterCard Secure Code
  • Added protection from unauthorized use of your card
  • Using it is as easy as entering your PIN at an ATM
  • Click here to register or learn more, it's simple and quick!

What you need to know:
To ensure your card will work properly while traveling, make sure to notify the bank before you leave town.