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Online Banking

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Setup a sweep on your account to help prevent overdraft fees. Combine this service with our ODP program and enjoy ultimate access to your money.

How it works

  • Link your checking account to another NVB account
  • You determine the minimum balance of your checking account
  • Money will "sweep" (transfer) from your linked account when your checking account balance falls below the minimum
  • Our ODP program will grant you access to overdrawn funds and our Sweep will automatically cover the overdrafts for only $10 each*
Click here to download the Sweep Setup form. Complete the form, print, sign, and return to the bank.

What you need to know:
*Funds will be automatically transferred as long as money is available in your linked account. If sufficient funds are not available in your linked account, your overdrawn account will be subject to overdraft, paid insufficient item (NSF), and returned insufficient item (NSF) fees.