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Switch Kit

We've made it easier for you to switch your accounts to Nodaway Valley Bank! In 4 simple steps, you'll soon find out why Nodaway Valley Bank is the right bank.

Step 1: Open your new checking account at Nodaway Valley Bank

Step 2: Switch your direct deposits to your new NVB checking account

  • Complete the Notice of Change forms for Payroll Direct Deposit or Non-Payroll Direct Deposit
  • Submit your completed form to any entity that direct deposits funds into your bank account - this may include:
    • Your employer
    • Federal Government - Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Veterans payments
    • State Government - Retirement or Unemployment
    • Bank or Brokers - Dividends or Interest for CDs, annuities, mutual funds

Step 3: Update your Automatic Payments

  • Complete a Notice of Change form for your Automatic Payments for items such as:
    • House Utilities (Gas, Electric, Water, Trash)
    • Television or Satellite service
    • Internet Service
    • Phone Service
    • Loan Payments
    • Insurance

Step 4: Close your old account(s)