ACH Originators

Find valuable insights into the role of originators in the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. Learn how to become an originator and initiate electronic payments efficiently. Understand the responsibilities and requirements, including compliance with ACH rules and regulations. Discover best practices for maintaining accurate transaction records and managing risk. Gain a comprehensive understanding of ACH originators and maximize the benefits of electronic payments for your business.

ACH Originators

As part of our ongoing ACH Education, be sure to check out the Corporate User Page at the link below. The page includes links and useful information for corporate user resources including:

Upcoming ACH Rules changes

Payments Insider Newsletter (includes Annual ACH Rules Updates)

Did You Know… short informational videos

Check Fraud Spotting Tool

Nacha Operations Bulletins

Tips for Handling Notifications of Change

Frequently Asked Corporate User Questions & Answers

Quick Reference Guides and Cards

Audit & Risk Assessment Workbooks

Corporate User Education

Additional Resources

Here you will find a resource for businesses utilizing the various payments channels offered in the industry today.

Learn About Data Security

Compliance with the new ACH Security Framework Rule can be daunting. The Better Business Bureau ( offers training specifically for small businesses on how to simplify the requirements of ACH data security. Visit to get started.
Learn how to:
-Properly handle & dispose of sensitive data securely
-Become Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant
-Respond when customer data is stolen
-Respond when a third party requests customer information and more!

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