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Online Banking

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Fee Schedule

General Banking Services

Cashier's Checks and Money Orders

Cashier's Checks $5 each
Money Orders $4 each

Overdraft Fees

Paid or Returned Insufficient (NSF) Item $32 per item paid (a max of 7 Insufficient Funds and Returned Item fees per day)
Overdraft Charge $5 per day after an account is overdrawn five consecutive business days
Account Sweep $10 for each

Statement Services

Duplicate Mailed Statement $4 per statement
Statement Printout $2 per statement
Statement Printout with Images $5 per statement
Check Copies $1 per page
Account Balancing $20 per hour
Account Research $35 per hour (1 hour minimum); $1 per sheet
Note: All archived statement research and printing with images is free of charge through NVB Online Banking.

Debit Card Services

Debit Card Replacement $7.50 per replacement
Cash Withdrawal at Non-NVB ATM $1.50 per withdrawal
Non-NVB Card ATM Cash Withdrawl  $3.50 per withdrawal

Other Account Fees

Stop Payment $30 per item
PONA (Pay On New Account) $25 when bank is required to open a new account and transfer incoming
debits/credits to new account due to lost/stolen information
Inactive/Dormant $5 per month after 12 months inactive and a balance below $100 on most accounts
$5 per month after 90 days inactive on a CareFree Card™ Account
Returned Deposited Item $7 for each item deposited or cashed that is returned unpaid
Savings Withdrawals 6 debits free per month, $2 each thereafter
Money Market Withdrawals 6 free debits per month, $4 each thereafter

Wire Transfers

Outgoing $20 Domestic
$40 International
Incoming $7.50 Domestic
$20 International

Online Services

Mobile Deposit $0.75 per deposit
Bill Pay Transactions 25 free per statement period, $0.50 thereafter

Safe Deposit Boxes

Sizes from 2"x5" to 10"x10" $12 to $84 per year


Visa Gift Card $3.95
Incoming/Outgoing Collection Items $25 per item minimum
Copy $0.25 per copy
Fax, local $2 per page
Fax, nonlocal $5 per page
Foreign Draft Processing $10
Foreign Draft Order $42.50
Garnishment and Levies $50
Two-Signature Review Account $50 per month
Nightdrop Bag - Locking $25
Nightdrop Bag - Zipper $3
Coin $0.12 per Roll
$4.50 per Box
Strapped Bills $0.30
Counter Checks $1
Non-NVB Customer Count Count/Wrap $5
Non-NVB Customer Check Cashing $5 minimum or 1% of Check Amount
Returned Mail Fee $3