Ways to send money

Need to send money to a friend, or buying from another state and need a wire transfer? Let us help with these options.


Send and receive money with people you know and trust with Zelle® right from NVB BillPay, online or in our mobile banking app.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are a safe and efficient way to move funds between financial institutions when time is priority and the borrower requires guaranteed funds.

How it Works

Wires must be initiated in person.
We support national and domestic wires.

Information Required to Send a Wire

Receiving Bank’s Information

Bank Name
Bank’s Physical Address
ABA Number

Beneficiary’s Information (Beneficiary is the receiving party)

Bank Name
Physical Address
Account Number

International Wires

Specify whether to send funds in foreign currency (recommended) or U.S. dollars

Special Instructions (optional)

Include any instructions for the receiving bank or beneficiary

Refer to our fee schedule for wire charges

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