Choose from dozens of real time activity alerts


Get alerts if someone changes your information or is trying to get access to your online banking.


Low balance alerts can help you avoid overdrafts and help maintain balances that qualify for higher interest rates.
High balance alerts can help you identify when you might want to transfer or invest money.


Get alerts when deposits, checks, or withdrawals post to your account.


Get alerts when large incoming or outgoing transfers post to your account.


Get alerts when ATM/Debit card transactions and changes occur.


Get alerts when something unexpected happens.


Receive alerts when you want them!

With the “Do Not Disturb” option, you choose when you are available to receive alerts. Set the time that works best for you!

Let’s get started

No extra software is necessary. Access Real Time Alerts from almost any PC or mobile device with internet access.

For NVB Online Banking:

  • Log on at and select “Enroll” under “Alerts”.
  • Under “Manage Alerts”, choose the alerts you wish to receive.

For NVB Mobile Banking:

  • Log on via your NVB Mobile App, select “More” and turn on “Push Notifications”.
  • Choose from a list of alerts that will be sent directly from NVB Mobile to your phone’s messaging center.

Helpful resources

Questions? Visit our frequently asked questions or watch a demo video to get you started.


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  • Browse the most common questions asked.

  • Demo Video
  • Watch a short video to help get started with real time alerts.


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