Overdraft Services

Shop with confidence knowing that NVB’s Overdraft Privilege (ODP) program is there for you when you need it. Avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of a declined card or check, plus costly fees from merchants for returned checks.


Overdraft coverage up to $800

Checks and ACH payments are eligible items

Debit card transactions are optional*

See fee schedule regarding overdrafts

*Debit Cards Coverage is Optional

Opt In to prevent your card transaction from being declined for insufficient funds
Opt Out for your card transaction to be declined if it will cause an overdraft
Learn more by watching an educational video in the “Online Demos” section of our Education Center

ODP is a discretionary service that the bank may restrict at any time. There is no guarantee that overdrafts will be paid. The bank reserves the right not to pay items that overdraw your account. You should make every effort to immediately cover an overdraft. Any deposits made to an overdrawn account will be applied first to the negative balance.

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