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The direction of the NVB Debit Card has changed. Now with updated chip and contactless technology, your debit card is more secure than ever before. Make purchases with a quick tap of the card.

Instant Issue Debit Card

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An NVB debit card provides access to funds anytime, day or night. Make purchases online, by phone, in app, in person or from digital wallet. Pick up your card today at any NVB branch.

Why should I use an NVB debit card?

Instant-issue cards available at all NVB locations.

Safeguards checking account number.

Uses anti-fraud protection.

Free cash-back purchases at the register.

Free cash withdrawals from NVB ATM machines.

The NVB Enhanced Debit Card comes with benefits that save time and money.

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Available At All NVB Locations.

Daily Card Limits

Purchase limit $5,000

ATM limit $1,500

Money transfer funding $3,000

Money transfer credit $5,000

What You Need to Know

Keep contact information updated with the bank in order to receive and reply to real time text notifications when Risk Tools identify a transaction as suspicious. When traveling outside the United States, please notify the bank to ensure your card will work properly.

Contactless Cards
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers here!

  • How do I report a lost or stolen Debit Card?

    It is important to notify the bank immediately upon noticing your card is lost/stolen. To notify the Bank after hours, contact 877-217-4682. During banking hours, contact our Customer Support Center or visit any Nodaway Valley Bank branch.

    A new card may be picked up immediately at any Nodaway Valley Bank branch or you may request the new card be mailed by calling our Customer Support Center.

  • Do I need to notify the bank that I am traveling?

    It’s no longer necessary when traveling within the United States, Hawaii and Alaska. Sophisticated fraud tools now send a text to verify any transaction that may appear suspicious, allowing the cardholder to reply and control the card’s use. When traveling outside the United States, we still prefer that you notify the bank prior to traveling.

  • Do I need to notify the bank that my Debit Card is about to expire?

    No. A new debit card will be automatically ordered at the beginning of the expiration month. It will be sent through the mail and should be received before the month’s end. Your card will be valid through the end of the expiration month. It is important to watch your mail closely during the expiration month – your new card will be mailed in a generic envelope that does not list the bank’s name and may be confused with junk mail.

    If you have not received your new card by the end of the expiration month, please notify our Customer Support Center.

  • How do I get a new Debit Card or PIN?

    You may visit any Nodaway Valley Bank branch to pick up a new debit card or create a new PIN. If you can’t visit a branch, simply contact our Customer Support Center for a new card to be mailed to you. Replacement card fees may apply.

  • Can I choose my own PIN?

    If you cannot visit a branch, you can call 877-406-3582 to reset a PIN.

  • When will I receive my new Debit Card?

    New cards may be requested and picked up the same day by visiting any Nodaway Valley Bank location.

    If a new card is being mailed, it takes approximately 7-10 days to arrive. When expecting a new card, watch your mail very closely, your card will arrive in a generic looking envelope that does not list the bank’s name and may be confused with junk mail.

  • How does a Debit Card work?

    Using an NVB Debit Card is similar to making purchases with cash or check, only it’s safer and more convenient. When you use your Debit Card, funds are automatically debited from your NVB Checking Account, usually within one to four days. These transactions will appear on your account statement for easy record keeping and budgeting.

  • Should I choose debit or credit?

    When you use your debit card, you may be asked to specify “debit” or “credit”. Regardless of your choice, funds will be automatically deducted from your NVB checking account. Running your card as a “debit” will require you to enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number). Running your card as a “credit” may require you to sign for your purchase.

  • Where can I use my Debit Card?

    Your NVB Debit Card can be used anywhere worldwide that accepts MasterCard debit*. Use your card for purchases in store, online, by phone, or at the gas pump. Access cash by requesting cash back with your purchases in store or at any ATM displaying the MasterCard, Pulse or Exchange symbols.

    *Make sure to notify the bank if you are going to be traveling to a different state or country. Fraud prevention tools are in place which could impact your ability to use your card if the bank is not notified prior to your travels.

  • How is an NVB Debit Card different from a Credit Card?

    Debit card purchases and withdrawals are automatically deducted from your NVB checking account. These transactions will show on your account statement and online banking for easy record keeping. It works similarly to using cash or writing a check but is safer and more convenient.

    Credit card purchases accumulate on a monthly bill, deferring payment until the bill comes due. If the bill is not paid in full, your balance will be charged interest and added to your card balance. When used responsibly, credit cards are a great way to establish and build your credit. Plus, when using a credit card with rewards, you’ll earn reward points for your purchases that can be redeemed for cash, merchandise, travel, and more!

  • May I request more than one Debit Card for the same account?

    Each account owner or signer is allowed to have one card per account.

  • Are there any fees for using an NVB Debit Card?

    There are no debit card fees for making purchases with your card, getting cash back with a purchase, or when using an NVB ATM. However, fees will be assessed when a card is used at a non-NVB ATM*.

    List of NVB Fees:

    • $1.50 for withdrawals at a non-NVB ATM
    • $1.50 for balance inquiry at a non-NVB ATM
    • $1.00 for a denied transaction at a non-NVB ATM
    • $7.50 for a replacement card

    *Interested in free ATM transactions nationwide? Check out our Free Reward Checking account!

  • What is my daily limit?
    • PIN and Signature Purchases per calendar day $5,000
    • ATM per calendar day $1,500
    • PIN/Signature/ATM have a combined daily limit of $6,500

    To change a card limit, please call 877-217-4682.

    The daily limit can vary based on transactions that are pending on your debit card. Even transactions that you did on a previous day could still be pending and impact your limit. If you’re concerned about surpassing your daily limit, it’s best to call our Customer Support Center for assistance.

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