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June 11th, 2021

Dear NVB Ambassadors:


For the past 24 years, Sheri McCoy has served as our Ambassador Coordinator, planning trips and events, and serving as the bank’s escort for guided tours to sites on every continent on the globe.  Over this time, Sheri has brought endless energy, enthusiasm, compassion and personal attention to everyone and every detail, creating many enjoyable and memorable experiences for a generation of bank customers.

Unfortunately, about a year ago, COVID-19 brought the travel and entertainment industries to an abrupt halt and we entered a period of global lockdowns with limited travel and social contact.  The bank was forced to cancel or postpone several planned Ambassador activities and guided trips.  Even as we begin to emerge from this period, there is a lot of uncertainty about the necessary protocols to ensure personal safety, particularly on overseas travel.

Also, Sheri recently announced her intention to retire within the next year.  The Pandemic postponed the search and opportunity for on-the-job training necessary to fill Sheri’s large role as travel escort.  The convergence of these issues has led to the decision to permanently discontinue Ambassador-sponsored activities.  Hopefully, the personal friendships and associations will continue without the bank’s sponsorship.

The bank intends to continue honoring the long-standing Ambassador discounts, including one free personal check order annually, $1 off the cost of a cashier’s check or money order and a $12 discount on the annual rental fee for a safe deposit box.

There will be plenty of time to express appreciation to Sheri for her hard work over the past 24 years, and she is available to answer any questions.  Thank you for your relationship with Nodaway Valley Bank.



James G. Robinson                                                     R. Cort Hegarty
Chairman & CEO                                                         President



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