Business Debit Cards

Improve efficiency by allowing employees to use a business debit card to pay for small purchases. Set individual limits on each card for better control. Users do not have to be authorized signers on the business checking account.


  • Personalized cards are available instantly at any NVB location
  • Keep banking business confidential while providing purchase authority
  • Make recurring payments automatically
  • Anti-fraud protection
  • Safer than cash or checks
  • Access to the MasterCard Business Network

Mastercard Benefits

  • The NVB Debit Businesscard comes with benefits that save time and money.
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What You Need to Know

Daily card limits

  • Purchase limit $5,000
  • ATM limit $1,500
  • Money transfer funding $3,000
  • Money transfer credit $5,000

To ensure cards will work properly while traveling, please notify the bank before you (or your employee) leave town.

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