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NVB is committed to helping our commercial customers establish adequate controls to keep their IT systems and records safe. Complete this short assessment to identify ways to improve your system’s security.

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Point of Sale Malware

Beware of malware that can compromise your Point of Sale systems. The Department of Homeland Security has issued a malware alert, click here to read the full alert on

Protect Against Cyber Threats

Adequate cyber security is now one of the most important facets of managing a business. Avoid fraudulent charges, compromised customer information, and other problems by creating a Cybersecurity Plan to mitigate risk. The Federal Communications Commission ( provides an easy tool to create a custom Cybersecurity Plan and strategy.

FCC Cybersecurity Tip Sheet

  • Establish basic security practices and policies for employees
  • Utilize firewall security on internet connections
  • Understand that mobile devices can also be susceptible to cyber attacks
  • Limit employee access to data systems
  • Read more tips at

Business Email Scam

Business scams often involve fraudulent emails portraying a legitimate employee requesting a wire transfer for payment. Guardian Analytics, a leader in fraud intelligence has published an article outlining various tactics. Read the article to understand potential risks. Check out the Best Practices on how to detect an email compromise scam.

Beneficial Ownership

Why is my company being asked to sign a Beneficial Ownership Certification Form?

Fraud & Phishing Prevention

Protect against fraudulent emails and other phishing scams by staying up-to-date through NACHA – the Electronic Payments Association. Visit for valuable information on business fraud protection. Visit for the latest tips on:

  • NACHA’s practices
  • How to recognize fraudulent emails
  • View examples of fraudulent emails
  • General online & mobile security tips

Avoid Business Mail Check Fraud

  • In February 2023, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issued an alert about the nationwide increase in mail check fraud.
  • Fraudsters are obtaining stolen blank checks or stealing checks out of the mail and altering them, either by fraudulently endorsing the check or changing it through a process known as “washing”.
  • Washing allows thieves to change the dollar amount of the check and the recipient. The check is then deposited with another bank.
  • Often the check clears the unsuspecting customer’s account and is not discovered until the account is balanced at the end of the month or the account becomes overdrawn.
  • For your protection, review your online banking every morning to verify checks posting to your account are accurate and notify us immediately if there is fraudulent activity.
  • As a commercial customer, banking regulations require that fraudulent checks be returned within 24 hours. Therefore, time is critical.
  • If you have not signed up for Online Business Banking, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. There is no service charge for basic Online Business Banking.
  • For additional protection, consider other Business Banking services including Positive Pay, Real Time Alerts and Corporate Cash Management. Service charges may apply. Ask to speak with one of our Business Banking Specialists.

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