August 13, 2020

NVB Unveils New Design for Mound City Bank Building

With the old bank leveled and site preparation almost complete, construction will begin soon on Nodaway Valley Bank’s new facility at 614 State Street. The new building, designed by Ellison-Auxier Architects in St. Joseph, incorporates red brick and stone trim to complement the historic buildings along State Street from the late nineteenth century. A corner tower will serve as a gateway to Mound City’s historic business district.

Branch Manager Mark Quick said the new rectangular building facing State Street will contain approximately 3,200 square of main floor square space plus a full basement. Two covered drive-up lanes will be located on the east side of the bank with an exit onto Seventh Street.

“The old bank was structurally sound, but the interior arrangement was outmoded for today’s banking environment,” Quick commented. “The lobby, vault and offices were small, the large bookkeeping area was no longer needed and the drive through lacked employee work-flow efficiencies, as well as being challenging for customers to navigate.”

The new building will feature a larger lobby, three offices, a conference room, an on-site ATM and a larger vault with new safe deposit boxes. It will be totally handicap accessible, as well. Construction is expected to take nine months, depending on the weather. The bank is operating in a temporary facility west of State Street on Seventh Street.

“A modern facility along with the right people and services are part of our long-term strategy to serve customers in the Mound City/Holt County area,” commented James Robinson, Chairman & CEO.


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