March 23, 2023

Nodaway Valley Bank Occupies Mound City Facility

Last weekend, Nodaway Valley Bank moved into its new building on the site of the old bank at 614 State Street and opened its doors for business Monday morning. The temporary bank facility on West Seventh, which was leased, will be removed in the coming weeks.

The new building’s late nineteenth-century classic architectural style, designed to complement historical buildings on State Street, carries over through the choice of heavy dark oak for the interior cornices and trim, as well as dark bronze door hardware. There is also a nod to the area’s connection to wildlife and nature, featuring a chandelier made from deer antlers, wildlife taxidermy on display, and the use of other natural materials throughout.

“A thoroughly modern banking facility with the warmth of a hunting lodge,” Quick said. “Plus, we also incorporated many of the beloved Mound City streetscape pictures which many people admired in the old bank’s lobby.”

A new building afforded the opportunity to improve many important features, a few of which are the drive-up, onsite ATM and vault. “The former drive-up window lacked efficiency for both customers and employees, while the new one has been thoroughly planned.” Quick said. “The new building’s elevation is higher in order to accommodate a level entrance off State Street, two drive-up lanes, an onsite ATM, ample off-street parking and an exit onto Seventh Street.” Quick said.

A spacious new vault replaces two small, connected vaults that traversed the middle of the old building. New safe deposit boxes offering a wider choice of sizes have been installed along with the boxes from the old bank. In the coming months, customers will have the opportunity to move the contents of their old boxes to new ones without leaving the vault.


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