NVB Cash Management –
Receivables Service


NVB ACH Manager

Streamline your collection process by directly processing ACH files through NVB ACH Manager
Assign users with custom authorizations for separation of duties and better internal control

NVB Remote Deposit


• Securely deposit checks from your office, 24/7 or other locations
• Eliminate trips to the bank
• Avoid delays by mail
• View, print, or save reports for extended record keeping
• Make deposits from multiple locations

NVB Lockbox Services

A Lockbox through NVB helps reduce internal overhead and improves cash flow by providing timely outsourced collection and deposit services with enhanced security over in-house, single employee processing. Images of checks, invoices, envelopes and other remittance documents are captured and made available for same day review via a secure online system which can be easily modified using self-service administrative capabilities.
NVB Lockbox Services offers streamlined navigation for:

• Viewing check images and documents online
• Printing checks, documents and batch files
• Viewing and printing preformatted and custom transaction reports
• Creating custom queries that can be saved and recalled on demand
• Performing extensive data searches in the background while continuing to work in other applications
• Image archive access

Customized lockbox services for the property management and healthcare
service available.

Merchant Card Processing

Level the playing field with Basys Processing. It is the most sophisticated web-based merchant processing system in the industry. Contact your NVB Relationship Banker to set up an appointment for a free, no-obligation cost analysis.

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